Lots of people know about motorbikes, but very few also have their own specialised travel agency, and we’re proud to be the latter.

We are the motorbike division of KIKOY TOURS, a travel agency founded in 2010 which consists of a dynamic team with over 30 years of experience in organising great trips all over the world and taking people to far-flung places. A large family is formed every time we organise a tour. We have covered half the world with our motorbikes meaning we speak Spanish, English, French and Portuguese on our trips. If you’re thinking about it, go for it!


The idea of Kimoto.Travel arose from our passion for motorbikes, following years of organising motorbike trips for our friends. Through Kimoto.Travel, our dream of planning motorbike trips around the world has come true.


We have a wide variety of destinations and each one is special in its own way. Our travellers can go on tours around Spain and Portugal to feel close to home, but there is also the option to travel around the rest of Europe and even to Morocco, one of the most interesting destinations to travel around on a motorbike due to its roads, landscapes, diversity and variety.

We also carry out tours in idyllic destinations such as South Africa, Thailand, Kenya and Colombia, not to mention locations that will astonish any traveller, such as Route 66, Alaska and Russia. On top of this, you can also go to stunning destinations such as Peru and Argentinian or Chilean Patagonia.


We use our own motorbikes or motorbikes from prestigious rental companies such as Hertz and PauTravelMoto for our tours. This means that the bikes are always modern models in perfect condition with very few miles on the clock, so our travellers are guaranteed the utmost safety.


Our trips are designed to suit the needs of any traveller, which is why we offer both organised and self-guided tours. Safety and enjoyment on all our tours is our highest priority – we leave the heroic acts to others. We are very familiar with what we’re selling and we carefully select the places to visit, the hotels, the length of each phase (a maximum of 200–450 km per day), the restaurants, the types of motorbike and the speed of the trip. That’s why we like to recommend the plan that best suits the needs of our customers, to give them the best experience that will become the journey of a lifetime!


Kimoto.Travel provides the same guarantees and legal coverage as KIKOY TOURS:
Travel Agency LICENSE: CICMA 2537, Madrid. Spain.
Our license is GUARANTEED by a SURETY INSURANCE for the Region of Madrid, with the insurance company AXA SEGUROS GENERALES, CIF (Spanish Tax Code): A60-971978. Policy no. 82468895.
We also have Civil Liability Insurance with the company Seguros Bilbao. Policy No. 1/50/7796572 C.L. Commerce and Leisure.

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